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Welcome To The Bear Balm

Family of fine products!

…what must be the perfect blend of lavender, comfrey, calendula, bee’s wax and olive oil…Salve-vation.
— Adventure Pro Magazine

Bear Balm

Each tin of Bear Balm is Handcrafted in Durango, Colorado. We infuse warm Olive Oil with an amazing blend of all Organic Herbs for days to extract all the best qualities of these amazing plants. We then strain the infused oil and melt in Organic Beeswax.

Just five all-natural ingredients are combined in one tin for COUNTLESS uses!

Try it on cuts, scratches, bug bites, sunburn, rashes- including diaper rash, eczema, chafing, chapped lips, cracked skin and more. It makes a GREAT GIFT as well!

* Gardeners & farmers love it for their dry cracked hands.

* Parents and kids appreciate that it works without stinging.

* Sensitive people like that it is all-natural with NO added fragrances.

* Hikers & climbers love it for cuts, blisters and sunburns.

* Runners, bikers, and people with prosthetics know it helps with chafing.

* You can even use it as a tattoo balm, or beard balm. Really.

Tuck a tin in your pack, purse, or pocket. The more you use it, the more uses you'll find for it! No more buying multiple products for different issues with your skin.

Simplify your life. Buy Bear Balm.

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About Us

Hello! I’m Kimberly. I’ve been making what has become Bear Balm for more than a decade now, selling it directly at farmers markets and other sales, along with a couple dozen other herbal products. I started small, with just jars of herbs and oils steeping in the summer sunshine. It’s quite a process. We are constantly striving to improve the processes that go into making each and every tin of balm while maintaining our high quality.

While I am passionate about the many products I make and the creativity it all involves, it’s this balm I get excited about and that I get phone calls, emails and other comments about again and again!

It’s the one product I never want to be without.

Last summer we were evacuated for the #416fire, and it was during that time that the idea for moving forward and rebranding my Healing Balm into Bear Balm began. Not knowing if we’d have a home to return to made me reevaluate so many things and brought into focus what I really want to do.

I want to do good and help others with the work of my hands and how I spend my precious time.

Bear Balm allows me to do that.

Each tin you buy goes to support this small, woman-owned business and our family. I’m the person mixing, steeping, straining, melting, pouring and so much more. My husband works on improving the mechanics and productivity side of things. Even the kids help out, each in their own way.

Thank you for your interest and your purchases. I appreciate it all so very much!