I love this balm. It leaves your skin feeling so soft and nourished.
— Joanne

About the Balm

  • Amazing Herbal Balm for All-Over Skin and Lip Care.

  • All Natural and Organic Ingredients You Can Feel Good About Putting on Your Skin!

  • NO Artificial Ingredients.

  • NO GMOs, NO Gluten, NO Dyes, NO Added Fragrances, NO Petroleum By-Product, NO Parabens or Other Synthetics.

  • Contains Organic Comfrey, Calendula & Lavender, Herbs known for their Healing and Naturally Antibacterial Properties.

  • With the perfect ratio of oil and wax, Bear Balm sinks into your skin and begins to work quickly, while not leaving your skin greasy or sticky.

  • Our Convenient, Portable Tin Makes it Easy to Keep with You! Perfect for Home or Travel.

  • Each Bear Balm Stainless Steel Tin is Easy-to-Open, Reusable & Recyclable!

  • Bear Balm Makes Your Skin Bearable!

All-Natural, All-Season, All-in-One Product for Your Skin & Lips.